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22 Mar 2018 14:57
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    Friday, 23 March 2018

    click here for today's programmes One Two TV3 Prime Choice TV Duke Bravo
    One in detail Two in detail TV3 in detail Prime in detail Choice TV in detail Duke in detail Bravo in detail
    TVNOWUndercover Boss USA (G) (12:00am)
    This Is Us (PGR) (11:50pm)
    Infomercials (11:55pm)
    The Late Show (PGR) (12:05am)
     AFL - Richmond v Carlton (12:20am)
    Infomercial (12:10am)
    12:30amTe Karere (12:50am)
    Food Fighters (G) (12:40am)
      Hardcore Pawn (PGR) (12:30am)
    1:00amInfomercial (1:15am)
    Shortland Street (PGR) (1:25am)
     BLACKCAPS vs England (G) (1:05am)
    Bondi Vet (G) (1:00am)
    1:30am Infomercial (1:50am)
    2:00am   The Crowd Goes Wild (PGR) (2:10am)
    Love Nature: Hollywood Fox (G) (2:00am)
    2:30am Scandal (AO) (2:50am)
     Prime (2:40am)
     DUKE Back in the Future (2:55am)
    3:00am    Wild Australia with Ray Mears (G) (3:00am)
    4:00am Clipped (PGR) (4:20am)
      Where The Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle (G) (4:00am)
    4:30am Cougar Town (PGR) (4:40am)
    5:00am Neighbours (G) (5:05am)
    Infomercials (5:00am)
     Sarah Off the Grid (G) (5:00am)
     Infomercial (5:00am)
    5:30amTe Karere (5:35am)
    Infomercial (5:30am)
    6:00amBreakfast (6:00am)
    Impact For Life (6:00am)
    The AM Show (6:00am)
    The Legend Of Korra (G) (6:00am)
    Ben 10: Alien Force (G) (6:25am)
    The Living Room (G) (6:00am)
    On DUKE today... (6:00am)
    Infomercial (6:00am)
    6:30am Sesame Street (G) (6:30am)
    Peppa Pig (G) (6:55am)
     Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of (G) (6:50am)
    7:00am The Jungle Bunch To The Rescue! (G) (7:00am)
    Be Cool Scooby-Doo! (G) (7:25am)
    The AM Show (7:00am)
    Kid vs Kat (G) (7:15am)
    Junk Gypsies (G) (7:00am)
    7:30am Beyblade Burst (G) (7:50am)
     The Powerpuff Girls (G) (7:40am)
    Love Nature: Hollywood Fox (G) (7:30am)
    8:00am Disney Junior: Henry Hugglemonster (G) (8:15am)
    The AM Show (8:00am)
    Batman: Brave And The Bold (G) (8:05am)
    8:30am Disney Junior: Miles From Tomorrowland (G) (8:35am)
     Bella And The Bulldogs (G) (8:30am)
    The Moe Show (G) (8:55am)
    American Pickers (G) (8:30am)
    Formula E - Punta del Este (8:30am)
    9:00amThe Ellen DeGeneres Show (G) (9:00am)
    Infomercial (9:00am)
    The Cafe (9:00am)
    The Crowd Goes Wild (PGR) (9:20am)
    9:30am   Jeopardy (G) (9:50am)
    Gourmet Farmer (G) (9:30am)
    10:00amWhanau Living (G) (10:00am)
     Infomercials (10:00am)
    The Doctors (PGR) (10:20am)
    Valentine Warner's Wild Table (G) (10:00am)
    Formula E - Punta del Este (10:00am)
    Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta (G) (10:00am)
    10:30amFour In A Bed (G) (10:30am)
    Neighbours (G) (10:30am)
      Bondi Vet (G) (10:30am)
     Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta (G) (10:30am)
    David Tutera: Celebrations (G) (10:55am)
    11:00amThe Chase (G) (11:00am)
    Hope And Faith (G) (11:00am)
     Hot Bench (G) (11:15am)
    11:30am  Entertainment Tonight (G) (11:30am)
    Escape To The Country (G) (11:40am)
    Where The Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle (G) (11:30am)
     Snapped (PGR) (11:50am)
    12:00pm1 News At Midday (12:00pm)
    Jeremy Kyle (PGR) (12:00pm)
    Family Feud Australia (G) (12:00pm)
      AFL Highlights (12:05pm)
    12:30pmEmmerdale (PGR) (12:30pm)
     Dr. Phil (AO) (12:30pm)
    Ed (PGR) (12:40pm)
    Sarah Off the Grid (G) (12:30pm)
    Formula E Street Racers (12:35pm)
    Real Housewives Of New York City (PGR) (12:45pm)
    1:00pmGuess This House (G) (1:00pm)
    Judge Rinder (G) (1:00pm)
       AFL - Richmond v Carlton (1:05pm)
    1:30pm  Waffle Street (PGR) (1:30pm)
    Married With Children (PGR) (1:35pm)
    Castles: Britain's Fortified History (G) (1:30pm)
     60 Days In (PGR) (1:40pm)
    2:00pmThe Ellen DeGeneres Show (G) (2:00pm)
    Home Improvement (G) (2:00pm)
     The Late Show (PGR) (2:05pm)
    2:30pm Home And Away (G) (2:30pm)
      Trust Me I'm a Doctor (G) (2:30pm)
     Babies Behind Bars (PGR) (2:35pm)
    3:00pmTipping Point (G) (3:00pm)
    Shortland Street (PGR) (3:00pm)
     Wheel Of Fortune (G) (3:00pm)
    3:30pmTe Karere (3:55pm)
    Chuggington: Little Trainees (G) (3:30pm)
    Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy (G) (3:35pm)
    Family Feud Australia (G) (3:30pm)
    Jeopardy (G) (3:30pm)
    Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan (G) (3:30pm)
    Mythbusters (G) (3:35pm)
    How Do I Look? (G) (3:30pm)
    4:00pmThe Extreme Cake Makers (G) (4:25pm)
    Fanimals (G) (4:00pm)
    Newshub Live At 4pm (4:00pm)
    Wipeout (G) (4:25pm)
    Antiques Roadshow (G) (4:00pm)
    4:30pmThe Chase (G) (4:55pm)
    Friends (G) (4:30pm)
      James Martin's French Adventure (G) (4:30pm)
    Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (G) (4:30pm)
    Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta (G) (4:30pm)
    5:00pm The Simpsons (G) (5:00pm)
     Frasier (G) (5:00pm)
     Black-Ish (G) (5:00pm)
    American Pickers (G) (5:25pm)
    Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta (G) (5:00pm)
    5:30pm Home And Away (5:30pm)
    Modern Family (G) (5:30pm)
    Prime News - First At 5.30 (5:30pm)
    The House that 100K Built: Tricks of the Trade (G) (5:30pm)
     Love It Or List It: Vancouver (G) (5:30pm)
    6:00pm1 News At 6pm (6:00pm)
    The Big Bang Theory (G) (6:00pm)
    Newshub Live At 6pm (6:00pm)
    American Restoration (G) (6:00pm)
     Mythbusters (G) (6:25pm)
    6:30pm Neighbours (G) (6:30pm)
     Pawn Stars (G) (6:30pm)
    The Living Room (G) (6:30pm)
     David Tutera: Celebrations (G) (6:30pm)
    7:00pmSeven Sharp (7:00pm)
    Shortland Street (PGR) (7:00pm)
    The Project (7:00pm)
    The Crowd Goes Wild (PGR) (7:00pm)
      The Dish (7:28pm)
    7:30pmHell's Kitchen Australia (G) (7:30pm)
    The Legend Of Zorro (PGR) (7:30pm)
     Best Of Top Gear (PGR) (7:30pm)
    American Pickers (G) (7:30pm)
    Ultimate Vehicles (G) (7:30pm)
    Beverly Hills Pawn (G) (7:30pm)
    8:00pm  Graham Norton Show, The (PGR) (8:00pm)
       Beverly Hills Pawn (G) (8:00pm)
    8:30pmDoc Martin (PGR) (8:40pm)
      SEAL Team (PGR) (8:30pm)
    Best Laid Plans (G) (8:30pm)
    Movie: Wild Card (AO) (8:35pm)
    Grease (PGR) (8:30pm)
    9:00pm  7 Days (9:00pm)
    9:30pmCoronation Street (PGR) (9:45pm)
     Fail Army (AO) (9:45pm)
    NCIS: New Orleans (PGR) (9:30pm)
    Gardeners' World (G) (9:30pm)
    10:00pm Lethal Weapon (AO) (10:00pm)
    Newshub Late (10:15pm)
    10:30pm1 News Tonight (10:45pm)
     Bob's Burgers (PGR) (10:45pm)
    Netball: Taini Jamison Trophy (G) (10:30pm)
    The House that 100K Built: Tricks of the Trade (G) (10:30pm)
    Mega Transports (G) (10:30pm)
    The Dish (10:48pm)
    Intervention Canada (AO) (10:50pm)
    11:00pmDoctor Doctor (AO) (11:15pm)
     The Night Shift (AO) (11:15pm)
      Workaholics (AO) (11:25pm)
    11:30pm    James Martin's French Adventure (G) (11:30pm)
     Snapped (PGR) (11:40pm)
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